Heal And Soothe – Does It Work?

back pain medicationHeal N Soothe is a natural anti inflammatory and pain reliever from Livingwell Nutraceuticals and The Healthy Back Institute. When you consider the dangers involved with the commonly prescribed NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) a natural alternative makes a lot of sense.

Although NSAID’s are good at controlling pain and reducing inflammation, according to the U.S. Food And Drug Administration prolonged use of NSAID’s can increase the chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke, cause ulcers and bleeding in the stomach and intestines and also kidney problems, just to mention a few! You can read the full report HERE (opens in a new window).

I started taking Heal N Soothe back in November of 2008 after getting increasingly frustrated with the drowsiness and ‘out of it’ feeling that my prescription medication was giving me. Not to mention the ‘blocked plumbing’ issues that were driving me mad also. (At that time I was taking 1 Nexium tablet per day, 8 Panadeine Forte per day, 1 Endep or Madopar per day and a couple of doses a day of Metamucil for the plumbing problems) 

A couple of things that I have found over the last two-and-a-bit years;

  • I no longer have any digestive problems and I can actually function normally during the day (or as normal as I was to begin with :-) ). I don’t feel as though my head is in a cloud all day like I used to.  
  • Heal N Soothe is good for controlling what I consider to be my ‘normal’ amount of pain. I have a tendency to over-do things on a regular basis and at these times I find I’m reaching for something a little stronger.
  • It doesn’t work the same way as prescription meds, in that you can’t just take a few and expect to feel them ‘kick in’ in a half hour or so. These tablets need to be taken on a regular basis and the relief is gradual rather than quick. 

I have to say that yes, Heal N Soothe does work for me. Will it work for you? I can only hope so. Dealing with back pain is tough and having to deal with the side effects and potential health issues that can come from the typically prescribed medication can only make it tougher.

To find out of Heal N Soothe will work for you why not take advantage of The Healthy Back Institute’s Free Trial. For the cost of shipping a one month supply (30-count bottle) is your’s to try Free of charge.

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